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Post 12 made on Saturday November 30, 2019 at 11:25
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See I run into this all the time. The problem is.... for a programmer to warranty their work, all of the equipment, all of the cables, all of the emitter wires, even all of the TV mounting methods must be done cleanly and EXACTLY right, otherwise the remote control cannot do its job exactly right. You could even have the TV fall off the wall just from touching it. Equipment configuration must be gone through and make sure it is correct and will remain set the way you set it. In addition, once all of that is exactly right the remote itself can rarely just be adjusted, it must be completely reprogrammed from the ground up, and that is because the initial programming is done sloppy, with stupid redundancies and things that require more button presses from the user than is necessary.

I learned to NEVER EVER take over a job to just “reprogram” or “adjust” a remote. It just doesn’t work that way. There are even times different wires have to be fished to the TV to do it exactly right and so things are 100% dependable.

So if I get a call like this it will always be time and material and I require the customer to allow me the entire day if need be to do it exactly the way I want to make its reliability as bulletproof as possible, otherwise I don’t touch it or put my name on it.

Even after that there are rare situations where you have done all of this but remote still can’t do its Job exactly right because the customer has went out on his own and purchased a television that does not support discrete commands. Hell you may end up having to replace the TV for the remote to be right!

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