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Post 1 made on Sunday October 20, 2019 at 17:04
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November 2009
First, I am a long time Pronto user and member of Remote Central (2012 or 13). I have not had a single performance issue with the Pronto in all that time, and I still donít. So why am I seeking help on this chat room? I will tell you. About 2 weeks ago, my PC died of old age and was replaced. Since then I have been reloading my programs. So far it has gone well, but now Iím trying to reinstall my Pronto app I use for programing the remote. I only have the original CD.
Of course, The new PC is Windows 10; I the old one was 8 when I installed the remote. It was a long time ago. The remote has TSU9600/37 on the back. That might indicate its age. It has never had a single issue other than a battery replacement two years ago and I really donít want to consider another remote. I can reprogram my Pronto whenever I change something in the entertainment center and put its remote back in its box. One remote for everything and itís a delight to use. It is the perfect remote control for me, and I just donít want to replace it.
My attempt to reinstall was a disaster. After it installed, I launched the app; it flashed the logo on the screen and froze the PC. It did restart but crashed again when I attempted to uninstall it. I have ordered a serious 3rd party uninstall program I hope will do a better job.
Now my request for help: I have the original install disk, but it will not install in Windows 10. If I want to keep the Pronto, I have no choice but find a newer install program.
I see that there are several listed in the download section of our web site. It would raise my confidence level if anyone here has used one of them that; (1) installed on current Windows 10 and (2); can for sure program the older Pronto.
And last, I would appreciate any advice or information you think might help or information on any current remotes you are aware of that are even close to my Pronto. I havenít looked very hard, but if bad comes to worse I will have to start. I will never go back to 4 or 5 remotes on the coffee table.

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