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Post 56 made on Monday September 9, 2019 at 11:45
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October 2002
On September 5, 2019 at 13:57, tomciara said...
You do realize there is a lot of pressure to conform. You know the ridicule that is experienced if somebody speaks against man-made climate change. In the scientific, and especially the academic community, it can cost you the career you have been working towards. It is easier to go with the flow then to examine contrary evidence.

It is way easier to say 90% of scientists agree, rather than maybe there are some valid points, maybe some seriously valid points to the contrary. And if all you do is follow mainstream media, you will clearly understand the debate is over and deniers are stupid.

The only trouble is, some of the deniers are also PhD’s and experts. They are not stupid people. But they get dumped on as though they are 10th grade drop outs.

There may be some valid points, but when you get to the point where the claim is global warming isn't partially man caused you're past good science. Scientific theories are always a mass of competing thought which are proven or unproven by further analysis. As more is known basic facts become evident. The scientific community as a whole has determined that global warming is occurring and it is in part human caused. That is a fact. Your argument is that the scientific community acts like a 4th grade social group with a "in" crowd that ostracizes the "out" crowd and thus human accelerated global warming isn't happening is not how science works.

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