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Post 1 made on Monday July 8, 2019 at 10:30
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September 2009
(I know, I know.....why am I still using an MX-450.....)

For years and years, I was able to make the URC MX-450 do tricks and flip for my clients; using a low-cost product and doing some pretty decent control options from a very basic remote.  One of my clients recently contacted me about their old MX-450 stating that it had been damaged from being dropped too many times and was bandaged (but still working fine !) with black duct tape.

So I responded with telling them I could just replace their existing remote with another MX-450 and they'd be up and running in no time at all.

So I ordered a new MX-450 and attempted the copy of the programming from the MX-450 Archiver software. Unfortunately only to quickly learn that I suppose I'm no longer able to copy an old programming set over to the new remote probably due to a firmware difference, etc.

BUT what really BUGS me is that that screen of the new MX-450 looks like CRAP.
Unlike the picture on the box and the screen from the 10 year old remote, the new remote has a very low resolution and low-color screen.  The bright, colorful icons and page buttons from years ago seem to have disappeared?

Am I missing something? Is there a trick to it ?

I really didn't expect to spend hours on this simple task, just figured I would buy client a new remote and swap it out for the old one after copying the configuration over to it from the old setup.  Argh !

ps: responses such as "Just upgrade to something better !" or "Scrap the MX-450 and go IP" or "OMG, don't waste your time on the MX-450" are not acceptable responeses. I spend my client's money like I spend my own.  There must be a way. The old remote was just fine and I'm not able to hand them the new device and say "Here ya go ! You'll notice the new screen looks like shit and isn't nearly as colorful and high resolution as the old model from 10 years ago. Thus please try and get used to it ! "

Any constructive help or tips are appreciated.
Chris L.
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