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Post 17 made on Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 21:13
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Iím sorry your husband left you. It sucks, but, you know what? Heís living a better life now without you in it. Iím sorry trump caused your marriage to crumble, such a shame that a beautiful relationship was ruined by our president. Such a sad thing to have such childish feelings. I donít see trump nulling marriage between a man and a man, a women and a women, an it and an it and a questioning and questioning.

If anything heís helped all their relationships because they now have more money in their pockets. Love is love, and, Iím sorry you couldnít save your marriage.

You were a respected member of this community, hey, I get it. A broken heart makes you do things you normally wouldnít. Instead of seeking support you seek hatred. The irony is ďhate has no home hereĒ and the people that feel that way have the most hatred harbored.

I wish you the best, but your Trump Derangement Syndrome needs professional help. They have apps for gay hatred of our president. Donít forget the lube!

(FYI, Iím one of the people you seem to think and assume I hate you because you suck dick. I actually believe love is love and if you swing for the other team then do you. Pay your taxes but donít force your shit on everyone else. Everyone has rights, and nobody in the government should dictate what you want todo)
The Bitterness of Poor Quality is Remembered Long after the Sweetness of Price is Forgotten! - Benjamin Franklin

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