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Post 2 made on Friday April 19, 2019 at 21:29
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March 2004
The initial build of PEP v2 didn't support multiple pages at all. The later versions of PEP v2 added support for viewing up to 4 pages at a time. You need to click on the tab for a given page and start dragging your mouse down towards the center of the page. A page position icon will be displayed. Move your mouse over the particular page position and let go of your mouse. It's a clumsy implementation at best, but better than being limited to one page at a time I suppose.

You might have also noticed that pages in the "Project Overview" pane open just by highlighting them. Another dumb implementation. What rocket scientist thought that was a good idea. If you're used to highlighting a page in the tree, then navigating the tree with your arrow keys hitting "Enter" to open the given page you have highlighted forget it. Every page you highlight along the way gets opened.

PEP v2 also drops support for the "Link" action. You can still link to "Action Lists" though. The "Action List" you want to link to needs to be created under a special activity called "Reusable Macros" located in the "Project Overview" tree just below the "System" activity. Should mention as well that PEP v2 doesn't support learning IR codes to buttons. All IR codes have to be created and/or referenced from the "My Database" feature.

Fortunately I own TSU9600's. I'm not required to use PEP v2 as a result so I don't. I use PEP v1 exclusively which retains the same basic structure, functionality and UI behaviour as PPENG while also including support for ProntoScript and so forth. PEP v1 also retains all the keyboard shortcuts, many of which were gutted with PEP v2. In any event, have fun. If you have any more questions don't hestitate to ask. There are still a few of us that stop by the forums here weekly.
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