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Post 1 made on Saturday March 30, 2019 at 13:11
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I've been using OvrC for WattBoxes from day one. Like most of know there are usually (always?) bumps in the road for new products in this industry, WattBox was no exception. But they've been constantly making advances and fixing issues that have come up. They've stood behind with advanced replacements but as we know it still costs us time/ money to replace the units. Not sure what they could do to help offset this cost? Product credit?
That being said, I can't tell you how many times the WattBox has helped with the need not to drive across town to reboot a device, etc. This is why I still keep using them, on every installation.
Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. My main reason for this post was to see who's been using the Araknis line for networks (router, waps, switches, cameras,etc.). What have your experiences been, pros and cons? Including pricing, options versus other lines. Is it worth the options you may get? I've been using Unfi with either AWS or cloud keys for remote access.
I recently installed the new entry level 110 router with wifi built in. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to set up, make mac reservations, etc. Though I was not impressed with the wifi range. It was a small condo and I was able to centrally locate the router. Unfortunately it didn't cover well in the MBR. I so wish I could just add another wap to this router but Snap said no. I wish they would make a combo router that had the ability to add at least one wap. I know this industry doesn't like "combo" units but I think they have a place in small jobs with tight budgets. Snap are you listening 👂
I really like the one app/ dashboard for a job. Usually I have to jump between Unifi and OvrC to reset a device and check the system. A single app is really nice. For those that are using it a fair amount, I see icons that I'm not sure what they're for. Let me know how much information you can get from the app and how it's helped you out.
TIA for any responses as I'm considering switching over from Unifi.

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