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Post 135 made on Friday March 8, 2019 at 05:37
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March 2019
Hi all, I know this is seriously beating a dead horse but... Please hear me out and hopefully someone can help.

I have 2 URC remotes that I have paid to have programmed TWICE. The problem is that I live a long way from the ONE dealer that is willing to come out to the country to program these things. Each time they charge me $500 to program one remote and $50 for the second. So I'm now in the hole $1100 for programing (not including the remotes) and I just need to add a device. So I added a new apple TV but to have the remote programmed is going to cost me an additional $550. OK, except that there is still programming bugs that the tech refuses to come out and fix even though I gave him a list of corrections the last time. Simple things like mislabeling components.

I am well aware that this software is supposedly difficult to use. I'm ok with that and am quite confident in my abilities to navigate this software. I understand that many of you feel that I could make a mess of the system and blame URC. Nope. The system is not right anyway and the only thing I complain about is the tech who did the programming in the first place and the fact that he won't help me by sharing the software or by correcting his mistakes that he's made twice already for $1100. I have tried to take my remote into other dealers but they say they need to be at the system to make changes then refuse to come to the system when they learn of my location.

Please, I've spent so much on this remote system already and am a victim of a deceitful dealer who assured me this would be the end all be all system and I have paid dearly for it. I am clearly not trying to cheat any professional out of their due. I respect everyone's individual skill sets and I have no problem paying as I am paid daily for MY skill set. I simply cannot get a qualified professional to help me with this particular problem. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to share this software with me under these circumstances? Thank you all.


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