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Post 35 made on Friday November 30, 2018 at 19:04
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On November 29, 2018 at 01:53, Richie Rich said...
IMO, the days of big, involved home automation systems in all but ultra high end residential are drawing to a close.

Many people are happy with a big box store tv, Sonos soundbar, Appletv (or other streaming box), and small directv or cable box stuck behind the display.
Sat box remote handles 90% of their needs, grab the ATV remote (or app) for when you want to use that.

That same job years ago was a plasma, 5.1 speaker system, AVR, Cable/sat box, DVD player, CD Changer or hdd based music player, programmable remote, gateway, pull out rack, power management, quality cabling and a fan system. Maybe throw in an XM tuner if they wanted a bit more audio diversity. I did probably hundreds of this setup in tract houses, condos etc.

We are left with a bunch of products we make little to no margin on coupled with 100% network dependence, odd intermittent HDMI issues, logins and firmware.

Yes, there is still work to be done as most clients won't want to tackle the 2018 version of a living room system but we are left with very little meat on the bone and a lot more annoying phone calls.

Big, involved home automation systems have never been in any homes but ultra high end residential.

The people you are encountering that are doing Costco TV's with Sonos Beams and using AppleTV remotes were never the same people buying Fujitsu plasma's, Kaleidescape, and Crestron...they were buying Samsung LCD's, Onkyo HTIB's, and fumbling with 5 remotes.

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