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Post 1 made on Friday November 30, 2018 at 02:58
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I finished working at a house that had 5 different receivers, some 2 channel and some surround. They fed, independently of course, 6 or 8 different rooms of audio. Pulled them. Now Sonos works very nicely everywhere.

Two rooms had monitors fed by component video, with HDMI to component converters. One room had a cat5 between TV and the component shelves, and the other did not. The cat5 room allowed for a PlayBar and Connect:Amp to accomplish 5.1.

The other room was an issue, with no cat5 in place, and the rear channel speaker wiring coming out to a cabinet 15 feet away, with no wire runs possible.

It did have a shielded 4 conductor cable between the two, which I punched down to pins 1,2,3 and 6, hoping I could interconnect the PlayBar and Connect:Amp. No go.

***Take careful note that the app now allows the Connect:Amp to set up for surround, no command line setup needed. HOWEVER, I have had two setups now which allowed me to choose the Connect:Amp, paused to configure the room, produced no error messages, but DID NOT WORK. No surround speaker output. I think it's a bug in the app and let them know.

I ran a cat5 across the floor and added the amp again and surround came to life. Went back to the four conductor and it died. So that was a fail.

Went back to the truck, grabbed a BEAM and an AMP. They set up for surround, with no Ethernet connection required, and began playing very quickly. Wish I'd tried it a couple hours earlier! It's a nice problem solver. No cable required. The Beam is the only part of the entire system connected to the router, BTW. Everything else is SonosNet.
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