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Post 14 made on Thursday November 29, 2018 at 23:18
SB Smarthomes
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On November 29, 2018 at 20:13, Edenlights said...
Thanks for the responses. I am wanting a 2 channel setup and in-room sub. I currently have a sonos sub paired with the playbar.

SB Smarthomes, do you feel that the Sonos Amp would compete with say the Onkyo TX-8270 mentioned in my Option 2?

My next question is what would be the in-wall speaker recommendation in that say under $2500 for the pair price range? Do you like back boxed speakers or no? A bedroom is on the other side, but there is a closet between the rooms which does mitigate some sound from going into that room. Are 2k speakers/pair a waste with a SONOS amp? This is my listening room unfortunately and I have to work with it or just keep rolling with the playbar.

If anybody wants to reach out with a sale, I am open to that. The only remaining dealer in this Music town has Revel, B&W, and Klipsch. I have been shopping there for 34 years, but my salesman didn't seem excited with sonos amp, inwalls, and maybe a display. Maybe he was in a food coma from Turkey Day.

Thanks again

The quality of the amps and converters in the new Sonos AMP are really top notch. I'm not familiar with the Onkyo you mentioned, but I expect the AMP would sound better.

The Sonos AMP uses Class D (DDFA) amps with 125w (8ohm) and 250w (4ohm) per channel and was said to have a s/n ratio of 116dB.

Sonos has been doing their demos with a pair of large floor standing B&W speakers and I've been doing most of my beta testing using a pair of Krell Resolution 3 which are a 2-way bookshelf speaker that had a list price of around $4k.

There's so many in-wall speakers to choose from that it's really difficult to make a recommendation... try to listen to what you can locally.  If the shop is a Sonos dealer maybe you can convince them to connect the speakers to the Sonos AMP so you can audition both together.
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