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Post 3 made on Saturday September 8, 2018 at 12:03
Lyndel McGee
RC Moderator
August 2001
The General Delay only works between Keypad digits and was put there for the purpose of Channel Macros which expand into multiple actions when you download to the remote (PEP2 only - PEP1 simply created all the actions for you si you could see what it did).

For this to work, I believe that the Functions in the Component must be named (Case sensitive)

Digit 0
Digit 1
Digit 2
Digit 9

I have seen Philips Database devices with function names like the above.

However, in most of my components, I followed the OnlyOneRemote naming scheme of

So I don't know if channel macros in PEP2 will insert proper delay as I used all uppercase and as PEP2 does not create the actions for you to review, you cannot check.

Here's my suggestion which is more work but allows you to 'tweak' timings once you are done. Requires version of PEP2/PEP3 supporting Reusable Macros or PEP1 which support Links natviely.

You normally don't need to add delays except on duplicate keys (I believe Channel Macro adds a delay between all actions plus supports a starting and ending action). I've never employed the use of Channel Macros as I found them too restrictive as in PEP1, you would have to delete all actions and then create again.

As a result, I'd build my own action lists and build in a configurable delay as needed.

1. In 'Reusable Macros', create a category named 'Delays'.
2. In the 'Delays' category, put in a macro named 'Delay Duplicate Digits' and put a single Delay action of say 0.1s
3. In the same category, put in a macro named 'Delay Small' and put a single Delay action of say 0.25s
4. In the same category, put in a macro named 'Delay Medium' and put a single Delay action of say 0.5s
5. In the same category, put in a macro named 'Delay Large' and put a single Delay action of say 1s

Now, when you are adding digits and building channel buttons, when you find a duplicate digit, for example channel 993, create your macro by using the actions

IR Function 'Digit 9'
Link to 'Delay Duplicate Digits'
IR Function 'Digit 9'
IR Function 'Digit 3'
Link to 'Delay Smaller' (Optional)
IR Function 'Cursor Enter'

Using this approach, you can experiment with the actual time you need between digits by changing the duration of the 'Delay' in the macro 'Delay Duplicate Digits'

I don't currently have pages with channel icons in my Pronto but if I were going to add them, I'd use ProntoScript to accomplish the same behavior.

If interested in seeing how this might work, email me (address on my RC Profile) a small configuration with a single Activity containing 2 pages. One page with channel icon buttons where you set the ProntoScript Name to the channel you want. Another page that is hidden that has a keypad with all the buttons you'd press.

I'll then write a function that can be called from any Channel Icon button using the ProntoScript name of the button to select the channel that you like.

If in the Lower 48 US and want to discuss, include a phone number as well.

Lyndel McGee
Philips Pronto Addict/Beta Tester

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