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Post 54 made on Sunday September 2, 2018 at 10:46
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November 2003
Sonos, Yamaha Music cast, Heos, Bluesound and Autonomics plus I am sure there are a few other odd pieces out there.
Much like the control systems everyone here uses, they all have at least one quirk or another.
The only music streaming device from the list above I have not had a chance to use is Heos.
All of the others are out there working away in small or large systems and I have happy clients that still call me to service their systems or upgrade.
A client may not have the type of budget you typically work with, some sort of streaming / amp with speakers will make them happy.
Better budget, streaming device going into an amp of your choice and better speakers. Happy client, more money for you.
I don't see where the big loss is.
We used to sell tuners and cd players connected to an audio matrix then amplifiers to speakers.
Tuners and CD players typically did not have huge dollars attached to them, so the only thing we are missing now is the audio matrix.
Sell them Sonos connect or whatever, still use the nice big rack mounted amplifiers you always used to sell, and put in those nice speakers.
If the control system you want to sell does not do Sonos well, it probably does Yamaha or Autonomics.
Maybe you will get some push back on the overall control system, after all they now can control the music from an app that will or should always work.
Take the money from the control system and upsell them on better sound, top of the line TV's with real quality speaker bars connected to whatever you use. remind them how much more we are watching today with all the streaming services like Netflix etc and how a good picture should also have good sound.
A fair number of clients I deal with are still trying to figure out what and how they are going to listen to music. They may have tried a streaming service, or still have a lot of their music in Itunes. Talk to them, figure out what direction you can take them and sell them the system that will work for them.
If the system does bluetooth or you can add a bluetooth device to an Aux input you leave the door wide open for the client to potentially use future services from a phone or tablet too.
We have always had to educate our clients.
Progressive scan TV's, High def, now 4K LED and OLED.
Satellite dishes, DVD, HDdisc, Bluray.
A brand (Sonos) may feel like they own the market, but we are here to help people choose the product that is right for them. And sometimes it will be Sonos.

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