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Post 53 made on Sunday September 2, 2018 at 00:47
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On August 31, 2018 at 23:51, mrtristan said...
If Sonos succeeds in dealing with your customers directly and takes you out of the picture forever then we all need to start looking at different careers. Things evolve and change and you have to change with it. I really do blame other companies in the audio industry for taking too long in providing installers with better options. We all sound like suffering Taxi drivers blaming Uber for providing a solution that’s gaining lots of acceptance...or the Blockbuster owner saying, “do not tell people about Netflix!!”

This is the end of our road, my friends. I am currently grooming my children to career paths that will help with my retirement as that is the only thing I can do now.

Those who are using MusicCast or Denon, what music services are you using within the app if it’s not Spotify or Apple music? Let me know a great option and I will consider switching from Sonos.

This post makes me feel disappointed. Who is complaining? Our industry is amazing compared to other Constuction trades.

Sonos is a product that works and is very reliable. Perfect it is not but what is? Use it to your advantage. Leverage the brand awareness and push. A Sonos connect feeding a DSP amp into a kick ass pair of speakers is a money maker. And a happy client.

If Sonos can Take your client because they have an email address than good on Them and shame on you.

Clients call you because they trust you and would rather pay you than to have to figure out things themselves.

So be a professional and provide them with more and they will pay and you will both be happy!

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