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Post 1 made on Wednesday August 29, 2018 at 23:45
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August 2018
I have gotten a hold of a tsu9600 and am working through the pronto edit pro software setting up the system. I have also gotten myself a rfx9600 as I want to control some of my equipment with rs232.

I have added my devices to my database and added the rs232 commands to their profiles and added it to my project. Right now I have only added an optoma projector to the project and trying to get the macros programmed.

My goal is to have a screen asking you to select what zone your want to control for entertainment, either living room or theater at this point. When I click on the theater button I want the remote to send out the power on commands for the projector and receiver. I also want the remote to jump to a please wait screen when i tap on the theater zone. The please wait screen should last for about 30 seconds to allow the projector time to turn on. Then I want to jump to a screen with several input options and when i touch the input i want it to send the commands to the projector to switch inputs. I have not added the receiver yet as I am still getting used to the software and want to figure this out first.

Now here is my problem. I created a macro to send the power on command to the projector via rs232. the next action would be to jump to the please wait screen. then I added a delay of 30 seconds, then I added a jump to the theater input page.

When I run the simulator it just sends the power on commands as noted my the star flash in the top menu bar on the remote but it does not jump to the please wait page. If I remove the power on command and just have the jump actions and run the simulator it does what I want and the star flash stays on for the duration then ends with the input page. What am I doing wrong? why cant I have a rs232 or IR command in a macro with page jumps as well?

Any help would be much appreciated. I have not even looked at prontoscript as I think my goals should be doable with macros. I did read the ProntoEdit pro 1 Manual and noted that the macros they had in their showed page jumps and IR commands in the same macro.

Thanks for your help!!!

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