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Post 125 made on Tuesday June 26, 2018 at 11:37
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Can you address the first question? Why aren't dealers eager to offer provision of the software *for a fee* on the strict condition that there is NO free support from anyone?

Believe me when I say that I'm not posting here to start a fight. But URC doesn't require you to provide free support. I write software, and typical projects end with handing over the software to the customer - where we make it clear it is provided as is. They know (because we make it clear) that if they mess with it (modify, extend, etc.) we will charge money to clean up the mess. It's not a complicated arrangement, and everyone understands the terms.

You make SOME valid points, however the dumb ass policies of URC are the problem, NOT the dealer.  I will say this yet AGAIN.  I HAVE NO  DESIRE, NOR ABILITY TO SUPPORT END USERS WITH SOFTWARE QUESTIONS AND/OR ISSUES.

For the customers we're taking about (hobbyists, "advanced" users), I don't see any complaining about a lack of software support - and that includes that MANY people who managed to get the software legally. However I see MANY people complaining about a lack of software. In fact, the negative reviews of URC that I find are mainly along the lines of, "Don't buy URC - they're a pain about the software - you're buying a brick." Honestly I've never seen a bad review that says, "Don't buy URC - they don't provide tech support for the software, and neither do their dealers."

 My business is not setup as such and there will be no move to make it so.

Provide the software for a reasonable fee with the condition that you will not provide any free support, and with the disclosure that URC will not provide free support either. Future support is provided at a cost. What exactly the problem with that?

 You as a consumer THINKS I am somehow trying to screw you, or that I am simply an asshole that won't give software to you.  I don't care if you have it, I don't care how long or quickly it takes you to learn.

OK... but then you go on to say...

It's not rocket science and if you wish to learn, fine by me.  But URC putting the responsibility to support anyone I give the software to is BS.  I cannot do that.  I work 7 days a week as it is without this headache.  I am not hiring people simply to support URC end users, that is what URC should be doing.  

Again, URC is not mandating the responsibility that you provide free support. If you supply it with the condition that there is no free support - only paid support - it becomes a potential revenue stream for you, no?

So no, I do not simply hand out the software.  In the rare cases I did, it was clients who spent decent money and they were informed that I will not be able to support them in any way in terms of software.  

And finally, we're back to the real issue: many dealers simply don't *want* to hand out the software - and do so only begrudgingly, even when it's provided for a fee and with the caveat that there is no support (i.e., no free lunch if you as a customer choose to use the software and screw things up).

I guess I just don't see the business case that you're making. Rather than provide the software with no support or warranty on the condition that the customer will pay for any future assistance/support/clean up, a larger number of dealers seem more content to immediately turn off a decent-sized block of customers to both URC and their own businesses - on the vague premise that these customers may be turned off to both URC and the dealer's business.

How does that make any sense?

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