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Post 124 made on Tuesday June 26, 2018 at 08:44
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On June 26, 2018 at 01:24, clemdia said...
Why aren't authorized URC dealers replying to every consumer gripe with offers of paid "service calls" to simply provide a software download to paying customers? Is that somehow prohibited by your agreements with URC? I would consider paying a reasonable fee for a few minutes of effort if I saw authorized URC dealers offering it. As a non-dealer, it sucks that I have NO visibility into whether there are newer/better versions of CCP.

I'm yet another consumer whose dealer neglected to mention that the software was NOT included with the MX-880's and MRF-260's that were part of what was an $8k+ project. In my case, I ultimately demanded either a refund on the remotes and hubs, or a copy of the software - and only then I got the software. That was in 2010, and I still run that same copy of CCP - though it struggles on Windows 10 in compatibility mode.

Ultimately the problem isn't URC - it's dealers who fail to disclose their policies (policies not mandated by URC).

The reality is that for even a casual audio/videophile who knows anything about higher-end universals, the inability to do anything with the remotes comes as a SHOCKING surprise. Pretending this revelation should be perfectly understandable to every customer is silly.

And dealers repeating the blanket claim that CCP is "too complicated" for any consumer only alienates those of us who are comfortable with professional software applications: learning CCP through trial and error was no more complicated than learning PhotoShop or ProTools in the same way - it ain't rocket surgery.

The business plan shouldn't be that the the best universal control products are only available for the most inept, hands-off, uneducated consumers... or is that the business plan?

You make SOME valid points, however the dumb ass policies of URC are the problem, NOT the dealer.  I will say this yet AGAIN.  I HAVE NO  DESIRE, NOR ABILITY TO SUPPORT END USERS WITH SOFTWARE QUESTIONS AND/OR ISSUES.  My business is not setup as such and there will be no move to make it so.  You as a consumer THINKS I am somehow trying to screw you, or that I am simply an asshole that won't give software to you.  I don't care if you have it, I don't care how long or quickly it takes you to learn.  It's not rocket science and if you wish to learn, fine by me.  But URC putting the responsibility to support anyone I give the software to is BS.  I cannot do that.  I work 7 days a week as it is without this headache.  I am not hiring people simply to support URC end users, that is what URC should be doing.  So no, I do not simply hand out the software.  In the rare cases I did, it was clients who spent decent money and they were informed that I will not be able to support them in any way in terms of software.  I would retain a copy of the original programming file and we can always go back to that, and I also recommend they save as a different file name so they have the original copy themselves, but I keep them anyway as I have every file I ever programmed.

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