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Post 121 made on Sunday June 3, 2018 at 14:57
Brad Humphrey
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February 2004
I wish URC would just give the damn software to everyone already! I'm tired of hearing all the BS from the DIY crying not having the software.

It takes dozens & dozens of hours to 'begin' to become familiar with the software, that's with all the training videos from URC 'AND' an already understanding of control systems.
90% of people are NOT going to get it right and end up with a convoluted mess on their remote. 50% of that 90% are going to be proud of the crap they slapped together and call it "I told you I could do it". Even thou they really didn't (feel sorry for the rest of the family that has to try and use it).
I know this is fact, because it seems like almost 1/2 the URC remotes I run into in the wild, that another URC dealer 'tried' to do, is a convoluted mess. And they have had the training, the time, and the experience now - they should be much better than the crap I see some doing.
The other 10% of the DIY treat is as a hobby and really try hard at it. Most of their work over time turns into really nice programming (even better than some dealers). Examples of this are all over the file section here on RC for some of the other remotes in the past (Pronto, etc.).
Those 10% should NOT have to suffer because of the other 90% of idiots whining "URC is being mean to me and won't give me software", when many of those are just trying to be cheap and not pay a programmer and don't care when it turns into a steaming pile of crap. They are going to give URC a negative review on every social platform anyway... just look around on amazon, ebay, and others and see how hated URC is because 'they' can't program a freaking remote. People are just stupid period... especially these days.

And as far as support goes. URC can have some basic programming videos for the DIY and if they can't figure it out from there - f^em! Dealers hardly get good support as it is, if they state clearly a consumer gets 'no support' then guess what, they don't have to give consumers any in-depth support. f^em. But please give them the software so they can screw it up themselves and stop whining!!!

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