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Post 2 made on Saturday March 17, 2018 at 22:45
Mac Burks (39)
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Site has over 100,000 users with more than a million posts. Its definitely not inactive or dead.

I read your post and noticed you got no response even though 73 people viewed one and 98 viewed the other. Most likely because no one has your setup so no one can answer the question.

Your issue is probably because your sound bar is handling the switching and Harmony cant properly handle that or your programming skills (as you mentioned) might not be up to snuff.

Post again with how/where each source is it wired source--->sound bar or do you have sources connected to TV? Provide a detailed wiring scheme.

Then explain what it is you are trying to do. You should have two main menu items "Watch DirecTV" "Watch Blu-ray". You should have a DirecTV menu and a Blu-ray Menu. Your TV Power and input commands should be automated. Your soundbar commands should be automated. You shouldn't need access to any other Sony commands unless you are trying to use smart features/streaming apps from the TV. If this is your issue then get an AppleTV or Roku or FireTV as a streaming source and use that instead of the TVs apps.
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