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Post 22 made on Wednesday February 7, 2018 at 13:17
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On February 7, 2018 at 11:14, Brad Humphrey said...
They have a choice. They could choose NOT to work for dirty, scummy, underhanded installation firm. Same as telemarketers, used car salesmen, etc.

You don't work for them anymore. I bet you moved on when they started pushing all that crap. That makes me feel better about 'you'.

And there is nothing these a-holes do these days, that are in the customer's best interest. They are uneducated, unscrupulous techs that have been tasked with trying to rip customers off. YES! it IS ripping customers off when you push things that are detrimental to the customer's system. Either in performance or quality of installation.
Same thing that happens when someone goes into a Best Buy to try and purchase something.
At least Comcast techs do bad things because they are stupid. Not because they want to hurt the customer's system. And around here, the Comcast techs are actually pretty good. Do get a bad one every now and then thou.

In my area the cable techs aren't that great. When I was working for Dish we had some very good techs where customer service was top priority. Actually Dish in general preached customer service IS a top priority and I believe they wanted that, problem is when you force employees to push products or rush through jobs it forces them to cut corners or sacrifice their own well being. This along with a very overbearing office manager is what led me to part ways. They paid quite well for our area, hours mostly sucked, believe it or not they trained well and continuously, but I got tired of being away from my family and the corporate b.s.

Some me, need to keep a job they don't love and may not agree with the direction it's headed to avoid bankruptcy, divorce, etc. (pretty much where I was at when I applied to dish). When I found something else that I wanted to do and the timing was right I got out, but it wasn't an option before that point.

Just saying that we don't know everybody's circumstances so try not to judge too harshly. Don't get me wrong, I do agree there are slimy techs out there...I worked with a few of them and maybe that is what you ran in to at your client's house. I think I'm just feeling bad for the poor suckers that are still stuck that are trying to get out!

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