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Post 1 made on Monday February 5, 2018 at 15:52
Ernie Gilman
Yes, That Ernie!
December 2001
If you want some knowledge transferred to you, would you be so kind as to frame the title of your post as a question? As, for instance, don't title a thread "Intelligent PDU with surge protection." Instead title it "Where can I find an Intelligent PDU with surge protection?" The recent thread that did this is at [Link:].

This is an example of a thread titled in a way that looks like it might have information on a type of product. That makes me interested in reading it.

It doesn't. It's a request for information on such a product. That makes me wish the title had been written differently so I could know without spending time on the thread that I had no help to offer. That would probably appeal to some* of you who would rather not see my posts anyway.

highfigh was kind enough to make a good point:
Why can't you just open a thread and close it if it doesn't please you? Your post cost you more time and it won't change anything because t was directed at only those who read this thread.

So true! I can indeed just close a thread if it doesn't please me. But, me being me, I'd like things in this world to be better and communication to be clearer.

As for the time it took me to write about this both times, it just might yield some positive change. In that case it would be worth it.

Thanks, highfigh!

*I expect Fins to suggest "many" instead of "some."
A good answer is easier with a clear question giving the make and model of everything.
"The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." -- G. “Bernie” Shaw

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