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Post 11 made on Sunday February 4, 2018 at 02:33
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January 2015
I think the OP was asking a question about the correct use of terminology. I cringe when I hear electrical terms misused, so I suspect that was the point of the question..?

Amps are a measurement of current. (I)
Watts are a measurement of power. (P)
Volts are a measurement of potential, voltage, or electromotive force (E)
Ohms are a measurement of resistance (R)

A pet peeve of mine is hearing things like "how many amps is that", instead of "how much current does that draw". It sounds as awkward as asking someone "how many pounds are you" instead of asking "how much do you weigh".

Unless you are referring to a specific measurement (ie. that circuit is rated for 5 amps, or I weigh 200 lbs), you should refer to what it is you are trying to measure.

I think to the original question I would say that speakers are a consumer of watts, just like a light bulb. Unlike a light bulb though, that consumption is not static.

And if we really want to go in deep, I wouldn't say that just current could start a fire. High potential can arc. Combine those two into high power and you really have something dangerous!

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