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Post 52 made on Wednesday December 27, 2017 at 01:07
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January 2004
Running a house and powering an industrial nation are two very different things.
You even say in your own words you don't get 100% duty cycle 100% of the time.
I am not saying we don't need to change our ways, we do,but solar is no where near the potential of running this nation 100% duty cycle 24/7, not even close.

You took my statement of covering the planet in solar panels a little to literal, but that's OK when you are passionate about something.

Me, I want my A/C 100% 24/7, hell I want all my electrical needs met 24/7 with no compromise.

Now to meet the needs of solar limitations the revelation to me is going to be new products that run on lower D/C voltages.

My honest is Mother Nature is going to take care of it all before the human race figures it all out, and by all, I mean all.

Humans are about the dumbest creatures on this planet. We have the ability to reason, and its going to be our demise.
Do they speak English on What?

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