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Post 17 made on Monday December 18, 2017 at 15:09
Mac Burks (39)
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May 2007
Custom Installers don't sell remotes. They sell "systems". A programmed remote is part of that system. The idea that if i sell someone a system that has a URC remote in it...and i fail to give the client software...i am a scam absolutely ridiculous.

If i give the software to the client who is responsible for teaching the client to use it? How much should i charge for this? $100 an hour sound fair? How many hours do you think it will take for me to learn to be a teacher and then actually teach the client? Should the client pay for my time learning to be a teacher?

Who is responsible if the client mucks up the program and doesn't save a backup? Is it okay for me to charge the client for a copy of the program that he screwed up? Can i charge him for the time i spend emailing him about this potential issue?

The bottom line here is that Custom Installers are not Remote Sellers. URC remotes programmed in CCP are not consumer products. Consumers who purchase these items should not expect to have access to programming software. URC does not have consumer support available. Custom Installers are not interested in supporting DIY programming.

Having said that...i have no problem selling a remote and providing the client with software. Once they get it they are on their own unless they want to pay me $100 an hour to teach them how to program it over skype...assuming i have time.
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