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Post 9 made on Tuesday October 17, 2017 at 12:34
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I just obtained a Neeo remote, although I'm still in the process of setting it up. To add some context to WhatsInAUserName's comments:

- While it is true that the Neeo can't currently work with devices not in its database, its database is quite extensive. (It even has my 10-year-old Velodyne subwoofer in it.) And if you identify to the company an existing device that isn't in the database, they will add it as long as they can get or figure out the commands. Going forward, I suspect the limitation will be how quickly they can add new products as they're released.

- All the normal usage commands I've tried so far work fine, although I haven't tried some of the more obscure setup/configuration commands for my AVR and Blu-ray player. I anticipate that I'll encounter some command glitches, but the company seems responsive when other users have identified such problems.

- The Neeo hardware is capable of learning IR commands, but that function is not yet enabled in the firmware. I'm not holding my breath waiting for it, but I assume it will eventually be functional.

- The "stupid" device designation refers to devices that lack discrete commands and only have toggle commands. Therefore, the Neeo can't always be assured of doing the right thing when sending commands to it. (The same would be true of any programmable remote.) Perhaps "simple" would have been a better choice of words than "stupid".

- I definitely would have preferred it if they had included an IR emitter on the remote itself. (The emitter is on the separate "brain" unit for the remote.)

- The company was horrendously late in getting these remotes to market. And Neeo did a bad job of keeping its Kickstarter backers adequately informed about the progress of the product. Now that the Neeo product is actually shipping, I have higher confidence in both the product and the company. The hardware is really a slick design. In my estimation, the firmware and software are about 90% of the way to being great, but getting that last 10% can be hard. Since Phillips dropped the Pronto line and URC abandoned support for DIY users of its higher end models, Neeo seems like it has the best shot of any product on the market at meeting my desires for a home theater remote.

If you don't already have a Neeo on backorder, I suggest waiting a few months to see how well the company overcomes its initial hiccups.

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