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Post 16 made on Monday October 16, 2017 at 02:50
Mac Burks (39)
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May 2007
On October 15, 2017 at 22:28, pilgram said...
I thought I was the only one getting lazy!

It's like 50% lazy and 50% OCD. I have tools allover the place. So many at this point i can't even organize them...and when i do i end up having things at the office or at my house or in my car instead of where i need them. I wont even look at the tools at the office anymore because if i see them my disorder adds them to the queue of things i have to sort and organize.

I have a full on mechanics,metal fab,and woodworking shop 50 yards behind my house.

In the attached garage,I have enough tools to repair anything from cars to building a house!

I don't have many mechanics tools or "carpenter" quality tools. I have mostly AV tech stuff and battery power tools. Chop saw, table saw etc are usually whatever the cheapest tool was when i needed it that one time at a job. I recently lost a grand in tools to the rain when i left a job box outside and it filled up with water. Tools sat in water for about 2 weeks before i realized the top had a hole in it allowing rain water to get in. My first whole saw...a great hammer drill and my 75th anniversary sawzall with the chrome body all rusted out.

I have the required tools in the saddle bag of my Harley for road trips,enough tools and parts in my speed boat for emergency repairs,and all three cars have the tools most likely needed for everything but a complete overhaul!
All have a fluke multi meter.I don't leave home without one!

I'm not aware of a "one kit fits all" type of kit.
For me anyway.
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