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Post 1 made on Thursday March 16, 2017 at 17:59
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March 2017

I have an LG TV that is probably one of their custom lines (here in the UK - the model is 50LB561V) and I am already controlling it over IR with a custom arduino type circuit. I captured the IR signals using another arduino, noted what they were captured as and then send them back and they all work, no issues here then they do exactly what I want.

It's now come to me that I would like to send some discrete on/off codes to help with my home automation system and I have now seen so much information I'm driving myself crazy. I only appear to be able to find one protocol set for LG on every document I have seen on the internet, same for IR and the same for serial. I can't seem to find mention of any additional or different sets of codes.

I've been trying to send the discrete on/off codes now and I can't make sense of any of the captured codes (which work) and the discrete on/off don't work at all. For example if I capture the power toggle it will show:

20 DF 10 EF

Having looked at the NEC protocol it appears that it is LSB first and the second byte is the inverse of the first. I then work that out to be;

02 FD 01 FE

Which does not equate to power on/off in the documentation, it should be from what I can see;

04 FB 08 F7 (so 40 BF 80 7F)

Which is nothing close to what I am capturing, every command I capture starts 20DF which says to me that is the low/high custom code for this set. The last parts of the code also appear to match up when I take the inverse values. This is not just for the power toggle it is for all the commands - before I resort to sending 255 codes and doing it the hard way (and finding out there probably is no discrete on/off code with my luck) can I ask if there is any other known LG protocols that I may be missing?

Many thanks...

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