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Post 234 made on Tuesday December 27, 2016 at 09:15
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September 2004
On December 26, 2016 at 22:47, Mario said...
I don't want to care for less fortunate out of my medical premium plan. Doing so raises the fees to the point where I can't afford the plan in the first place.

I am OK with being in a pool of paying customers just like auto industry.
I know that some years I'll be putting the money in the piggy bank and during others I'll be taking money out.

The idea of contributing to the society as a whole and it being a for profit corporations (ie. insurance companies) does not sit well with me.
That's what taxes and SS program is for.

It might seem cold hearted, but as a hard working, 1st generation immigrant, I don't want to hear that it's too hard to be successful or that this country doesn't have opportunities

One thing that pisses me off is when people who were born in the US are part of families that are generational welfare recipients and when someone asks why they don't get a job or do something like graduate high school they say "I can't". Bullshyte! People who come here without knowing ANY English and have nothing but what they're carrying can learn it in a very short time, get a job, buy a house, maybe own a business in a very short time.

Half of succeeding is just showing up. People need to show up and this applies to most of life- whether it's their education, a job or their health, they need to think past their next day or meal. Eating bad food and not bothering to learn to cook is no damn excuse for their bad health. I'm sure a lot of people fall into the group of "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak", so they may know they need to get in shape, but they just can't bring themselves to start. Call it 'lazy' or something else, but this country is in sad shape. In the '60s, Kennedy started the President's Council on Physical Fitness and school kids had to perform various activities in Phys Ed class. I seriously doubt this would fly now, since we need to coddle kids who "just can't" do these things and forcing them to try would make them sad. The obesity epidemic is costing us far more than anyone wants to admit. Add smoking and drug/alcohol abuse- the cost is staggering.

When will someone in Washington say:
"Some people can't care for themselves, through no fault of their own- what do we do with them? What about old people? Should we euthanize them? Should a limit be placed on how long we live? At some point, they are no longer viable organ donor candidates, right? What's the point of letting them live?"
My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder."

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