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Post 224 made on Monday December 26, 2016 at 17:00
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September 2003
On December 26, 2016 at 13:55, Mario said...
How is that good?
I'm willing to pay for myself but not for others.
That's socialism and I don't want that.

Or, are you saying that we're not paying for uninsured people but instead that since most everyone has coverage, the pool of people is larger and that's the 'other' in your statement? Because if that's the case, than that's OK -- no different than other insurance programs (house, car).
Still, healthy people should pay less, just like safer drivers pay less.

I was thinking that caring for the less fortunate might be considered a good thing by many.

But the ACA forces us to do that as opposed to, say, relying on charitable giving.

While I have (knock on wood) never had significant health issues in 66 years my brother faced an insurance problem when he as diagnosed with an obscure form of cancer.

So a system where you cannot be canceled because you get sick can be a boon to some but it is going to cost the healthy a good chunk of change.

We as a society need to decide what is "right" and that is not a simple question.

Regards, Frederick C. Wilt

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