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Post 435 made on Saturday October 8, 2016 at 10:11
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May 2016
Hey, I'm Johnny from Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

I went to school for audio engineering and moved to Nashville. So, naturally, I started working in restaurants bartending. (Let's just say that engineering didn't work out) I'm basically fifteen years late on starting a career, but whatever.

Blah blah blah, years later I got into this business with zero experience. I've been working for almost two years trying to learn as much as possible, but it's difficult because one day we're doing one thing and the next we're doing something completely different, so there is little repetition when it comes to hands on experience. Some things I've gotten the hang of, some things are still Chinese to me, and some things I'm not even allowed to touch. While in school, though, I religiously read and posted and conversed on a message board much like this one but for audio engineers and it significantly increased my understanding (I believe I was the top of my class, but didn't stick around for graduation because my family couldn't be there and I just wanted to get home). So, here I am. I'll ask a lot of questions because a lot of you seem to be quite knowledgeable. I'd like to be able to surprise the people I work for/with and make them ask huh? When and where did he learn that? Not being great at things doesn't sit well with me sometimes, this being one of them.

Yes, I will at times ask stupid questions, so please be patient. I don't take kindly to dickheads.

Thanks in advance for any help and input anyone may provide me with.
Everyone should learn something new every day.

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