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Post 70 made on Saturday July 25, 2015 at 18:27
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On July 25, 2015 at 14:52, Anthony said...
yes, my theory is that if the client wants to use someone else later they should be able to, maybe it is because we are good but I don't feel the need to keep them hostage.

you are just being ridiculous. The answer is no to those because all those things are available to him and generic and not part of the custom job I did. I don't own the SW to program the remote and don't have the right to make copies for him, I am not there to train anyone to do the job (but if the guy wants to pay me for training I am all for it). The client did pay me (to keep it simple) for a remote that has the interface I designed and can control the equipment he had at the time. And so if (like mentioned before) he changes from cable to sat, I think it is just fair that he can choose to use us to change that one piece of equipment programming or one of my competitors.

You leave the programs to program equipment? Crestron, AMX, Savant, C4, URC, RTI...? Last I checked, those are NOT available to the public (with the exception of CCP for URC, though its not downloadable directly from URC for the public).

I'm just trying to point out he was getting on Fins when I'm sure he doesn't leave every client with the ability to do whatever he wants, when he wants, himself. I have no issue providing a FILE to a client. In fact, I just did a takeover job in which I had to reprogram a RadioRa2 system for a client where the original installer did not provide it to them, and they were not happy with them. They did not provide them with the info that they could and should download the Home+ app to set their events. Basically they installed the lutron system, programmed it and added events, and left, giving the client no access to it. I informed the client from the get go that I will provide them with the file so this will not happen again. If I get run over by a bus, the next guy can come in and just add another dimmer if they want one, no issues. I also set them up with the app and trained them how to use it, happy as can be now.

Software, however, I will not provide. If the client wishes to use us and the systems we recommend and install, then we proceed, and if they would like the file, ok. Software is not intended to be available to the public, and where I am concerned, it will remain that way.

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