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Post 49 made on Friday July 24, 2015 at 17:31
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The purpose of my responses in this thread were to point out something that happens (IMHO) too often in this forum. Someone will come down on engineers, DIY, IT, etc as a group. Not all IT or DIY people are ignorant about home automation the same as not all CI people understand network architecture principles and best practices.

It may be truthful for a CI to say that most of the engineers they have met as a potential customer think they know everything about home automation. That in no way means they all or even a significant portion of them do. Categorizing them all as that way only takes away from your credibility.

How many times has someone come onto this forum looking for help and gotten soundly trashed for it?  This may be their first experience with this trade.  With the response they got here it wouldn't be surprising if it was their last.

Every profession has their hacks as well as true professionals. Too often I see posts here that put the poster squarely into the former when if the poster put a little thought into it before they posted they would be in the latter.

There are many definitions of what a true professional is and isn't.  I think for most people a person bashing others isn't what they would describe as a true pro.  I know I don't.   Remember, this is a public forum.  What you write here is read by many people.  Yeah, you're hidden behind a handle, but the CI trade isn't.  What you post reflects on ALL installers.  True pros know this.

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