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Post 45 made on Friday July 24, 2015 at 15:24
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On July 24, 2015 at 14:21, Fins said...
For clarification, trunk slammers are hacks that work out of the trunks of their cars. My frustration with "IT guys" is that very few are professional or have what I would call a real company. Your field is worth than ours about being riddled with idiots that figured out how to print a business card and watch a couple YouTube instructional videos. Two major problems with these IT trunk slammers. One, they don't think about how their actions may affect other parts of the network. They just do, then start trying to fix. The second problem, it's very common that they want to move into the CI side because it looks more fun. So they will go in and just start screwing with anything (like an $80k lighting system).

Personally, I prefer to have a skilled IT contractor involved on my projects. my network skills are mediocre at best. I much rather sit down with a competent IT contractor, give him my list of needs, have him give me a block of IP addresses and we work together, without stepping on each other's toes.

I agree, to a point. I've seen many IT guys that either moonlight or left their place of business to do IT work on their own. Nothing wrong with that and likely many of us started that way. But be professional, have a registered business, work together. I've seen both good and bad, so will not say all or most are bad, but have had my share of them. Most of the issues I have had with them though is when they tell my client the system we are installing is mediocre, overkill, overpriced, or too difficult and tell them a stereo with 2 6 zone speaker selectors is all they need (has happened a couple times now). The ones that moonlight are the ones that tick me off. I try to contact them to schedule a meeting so we can go over stuff, and they can meet at night, or on weekend. I've reserved that time for family. When i call, from onsite, they are unable to talk. This complicates things.

Again, those are the bad. We've met some good people that do a great job as well, know their sh1t, and work together. Just like any field, you'll find both good and bad. Just hope you deal with the good more than the bad.

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