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Post 106 made on Wednesday April 29, 2015 at 12:23
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April 2012
On April 28, 2015 at 22:10, kgossen said...
It IS dependent on our knowledge and expertise of the product. I couldn't give a crap about who has the software. I have seen many DIY's "3 year old" programs though. My favorites are from the engineers that have a program so bloated with actions and they're always the only person in the house that can actually use it!!

I love how you just added a "few" of your certs.

The old saying is so true.... How do you know the engineer in the room? They'll make sure to tell you.

Hey look, another unhelpful post from one of the resident "Pros" with a college degree in CI.

Hey Azag, unfortunately URC's business model and policies protect the income of authorized dealers who make the investment in training time and product to buy into the URC Total Control franchise. They do this so that salesmen can make a living with their product and also so that it's designed, installed and programmed correctly. Nothing will give a control system and bad reputation faster that one that's done poorly especially when the avenues for support and closed off to end users who do want to brew their own and then they get on public forums like this one, AVS Forums or other to talk about their own bad experience.

Coming here to beg for software and then slag on those who can't give it to you (EULAs still apply) never works; you just happened to get cornered by two forum members that have plenty of spare time to police the internet and attack you over your request. Getting in a pissing match with those guys achieves nothing and merely strokes their egos.

Where are you located? I can probably put you in touch with a TC dealer and get your request resolved.

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