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Post 17 made on Tuesday February 24, 2015 at 19:56
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February 2015
Hi. I'm joining the thread that won't die :)

I have a Lifestyle 50 system, and have been trying to control it via Serial Data, using the info on this thread. I have a TTL to 3.5 mm cable, as described in previous posts. I'm sure the cable is ok, as I've checked it with the TTL port of Raspberry Pi.

I have tried controlling the LS 50 using the codes posted by rjbradlow nearly 5 years ago - but these are LS 20 codes - they don't seem to work. However, I can get signs of life from the serial port with my TTL cable - but interestingly it only works at baud 4800 (even though other posters have said 1200). It doesn't always seem to want to talk to me, but I have also seen output on the port (again, some posts indicate there is no transmit from the unit).

After some fiddling, I've seen the word Reset! appear, and a command prompt. Mostly I get Unknown Command! if I type something. But I have lucked on something more interesting. Typing "BO" (I guess short for BOSE) gives ...

ETAP Interface V1.5 [abdefrmnt] (C) 1999 Bose Corporation.
Device = 0001

DE gives some memory print out (probably DEBUG?). "MO0" and "MO1" seems to sett "Messages off" and "Messages on" respectively (whatever that means). Also, "MM " seems to be the header for other commands, since it waits for more input after that.

As you can see, I'm frustratingly close, but not there yet. The codes posted are LS 20 codes. Does anyone know what the codes are for LS 50? Are they different? Where might I get hold of them?

One further point - as I said, the connection to the Bose unit seems not too reliable. My TTL cable is 3.3V. I'm pretty sure from my web searching that the unit is a 5V level RS-422 - so perhaps that's why my connection is intermittent.

My ultimate goal is to use my phone to control the Bose Lifestyle 50, by sending data by wifi from my phone to a Raspberry Pi, which would then relay commands to the LS 50 via the serial port. No idea if I'll ever get there though! :)

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