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Post 17 made on Sunday December 14, 2014 at 09:37
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On October 27, 2014 at 22:02, guti said...
i am about to install a home theater setup and the dealer wants to up-sell me on this remote. Question for you guys, what happens when/if i upgrade or change some component (like the blue ray player) do i need to go back to the dealer for reprogramming?

Curious if you went with the remote. A control system is not an up-sell if no control system is already in place. On a theater, think of it as a necessity. THIS is the only interface you have with the system. With a home theater, you will have a display, sources and a amp/receiver. For someone to watch TV, they will have to grab a source remote to power it on and control it, a display remote to turn it on and set input if needed, and a receiver remote to power it on, set the input, and control volume. Now back to the source remote to change channels or select say a Bluray Chapter. Adjust volume? Back to the receiver remote. Now you wish to change to another source? Ok, remember the input? Hope so, now select that input. Don't forget to grab the new source you chose remote to control that source.


Grab your control system remote and select the source you wish to watch on your screen. The control system will power everything on, select inputs, and then become the source remote control. Change volume? Just press volume up or down. Change source? Go to the main menu and select the new source. The remote will now power on what is needed for the new source, change inputs and now will control the new source. Volume? Same as before, just press volume up or down. Finished? Just press OFF.

Many people think the home theater experience is ONLY about the display, or the speakers, or even the seating. The control is at the VERY top of the list of importance when it comes to the entire experience. It GREATLY simplifies the use of the system as well as cleaning up the clutter of multiple remotes. Everyone should do themselves a favor and move past the price of a "remote" and realize it is a full on control system that will make your life easier when it comes to using your brand new system. It is like the steering wheel of your car. I liken it to the advent of GPS in cars. Before GPS you could certainly get around in unknown areas. You could stop and ask for directions, you could get yourself a nice hagstrom map, or multiple maps depending on how far you were traveling, and use the map guide to figure out which map to use and while driving, look at the map and try to follow where you are going. It was possible, but tedious and dangerous in comparison. With GPS, you set it and go. With a control system, you press it and go!!!

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