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Post 1 made on Wednesday June 11, 2014 at 18:18
Mr. Stanley
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January 2006
...So this kind of grimy sketchy, anxious- looking guy who smelled like an old ash tray walks into the store...

"Hey I uh got some speakers I'm trying to sell. Can I bring em in here and hook em up to something, I've got a buyer on the way".

I asked well are you thinking about us consigning them or what? I don't understand? I said why aren't you selling them yourself? He said, "I aint got nothin to hook em up to".

Then he says: " I'm from the other side of the state and I was gonna meet the buyer around here."

I said well I can't really do that, but what speakers are they? "He said... Uh, they are these SASHA speakers", but he pronounced them funny, and was looking a little anxious.

WTF? I said you mean Wilson Audio Sashas? He said "I think so"- (he didn't really know).

So, now my radar is up. I said no, as I looked out the window and wrote down his car description and license plate number. He said OK, and then proceeds to walk into the audio store next door, AND the one across the street from us.

I called my friend at the store next door who sells these speakers, and said, hey man I think those are totally stolen speakers (they sell for $29,000.00) you should check on them. My friend ran the serial numbers and yes, they were stolen from one of his good customers.

I see the speakers being hauled into that OTHER store across the street, and I casually walk in pretending like I am looking at the speakers, and manage to get the serial numbers, and call my friend just to confirm. He looks them up and yes they were recently stolen!

While I'm there one of the salesguys is (quickly) hauling the speakers out to his personal car! I asked him... did you just buy those? He said yeah why? I said, they are hot. The sales guy paid the creepy looking guy $5000.00 cash (he went next door to his bank and withdrew the money). The salesguy didn't say much, as I think he might have known.

Then the wierd looking guy gets into his pick up (after receiving the $5,000) and does a burn-out down the road!

My friend called the cops, and a bunch of cops showed up and are now looking for the guy.

Meanwhile the salesguy who bought them is out $5,000.00 cash, and the speakers are being held by the police. I feel bad for the guy, but then again, he most likely new they were "hot".

Never a dull moment in the city!

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