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Post 10 made on Tuesday June 10, 2014 at 20:08
Mr. Stanley
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January 2006
2 students were shot at a school by my house last week, one died one critical, in a nice quiet area.

In 2012 the coffee shop / bar that have always gone to, two doors down from where I work in a super laid back neighborhood, a guys walks in point blank kills 4 while they were eating their morning breakfast, having coffee and reading the morning paper (Cafe Racer), then the guy goes to another part of Seattle and shoots and kills an innocent mother, then turns the gun on himself.

The cafe is owned by a super nice guy and employs young neighborhood girls. The place looked like a war-zone.

The guy was pissed because he was acting strange the day before and he felt one of the young waitresses was ignoring him. BTW the owner and a cook were also shot but survived-physically, but now kind of live in fear of shooters.

Guns in the hands of mentally ill, and gangstas kill- for the most part.

My son and his buddies had to duck behind cars last year as they got stuck in crossfire between two groups. 14,000 people a year is not a small number.

I ride public transit to work, and there are a LOT of crazies that climb on the bus... and recently a bus driver was shot.

Think I'll move to a remote part of Brazil, as I don't see it getting any better.
"If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger."
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