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Post 55 made on Monday January 15, 2001 at 10:53
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I was able to swap out a screen from an old RC5000 (with the light sensor) into my new RC5000i. The part no was UG24U01WGHT3B which is the screen that everybody is after. I swapped out both screens in 1/2 hour - it was very easy.
I immediately noticed that the UG24U01WGHT3B screen displays fonts and images much sharper. But, comparing both screens side-by-side, the UG24U01WGHT3B LCD is a bit darker than the new ones - but this is not a problem with the backlight turned on. The backlight is a bright green, which appears to be brighter than the blue backlight of the new screens.
I also noticed that after using the UG24U01WGHT3B screen for about 10 min, the contrast did drift considerably and the screen got darker. I had to use the contrast wheel in order to see my small icons. But contrast didn't drift nearly as much as the new screens which can become quite unusable when displaying small navigational icons.
I also noticed that the UG24U01WGHT3B screen was not as sensitive to the touch as the new screens. Buttons did not respond by simply touching them as my RC5000i screen did. They would respond if I tapped them with my finger nail. Maybe this was a problem with this screen because it was old - I don't know. From this perspective I prefer the sensitivity of the new screens.

Overall, I'd say the UG24U01WGHT3B screens are much better than the new RC5000i screens when it comes to sharpness and the backlight. But not as good as the new screens when it comes to screen brightness without the backlight turned on. They are only marginally better when it comes to contrast drift. With the kind of bucks we are spending on these devices there better NOT be ANY contrast drift! (or maybe not as much that would require the use of the contrast wheel).


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