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Post 1 made on Thursday May 1, 2014 at 03:56
Daniel Tonks
Wrangler of Remotes
October 1998
Living so close to the US, it's easy to compare prices. Back when the Canadian dollar was worth maybe 25% less, it was routine for items to cost 40-50% more - and so a lot of people bought from the US, since even paying to ship a single item could still save you significant cash.

However, when the Canadian dollar finally reached par, Canadians noticed the pricing discrepancy en masse... and companies were eventually forced to adjust so that everything was even - an item that cost $1000 MSRP in the US, also cost $1000 MSRP in Canada.

Well, now that that US dollar is stronger and the Canadian dollar has slumped below par again, it seems that manufacturers and retailers are looking to make up for lost time.

I was checking out the Sony KLV48W600B as an Air Miles reward item, and noticed that the list price of the set on Sony USA's site was $649. But on Sony Canada's site? No longer are they pricing at par like they have been for the past few years - nope, it's $899.

That's a whopping 38.5% more than the US price, however the Canadian dollar is only worth 9% less - meaning that TV should only cost $712!

And so, I can see that the flood to buy from the US will be coming back... and of course stores up here will complain about it, forgetting that their old argument of how much more it costs to ship and sell product in Canada has been nullified by years of equal pricing, without the end of the world occurring.

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