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Post 28 made on Friday December 15, 2000 at 10:46
Jon Long
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OK.. I managed to find the time to install my new Pronto screen last night.

It was a straightforward, fairly quick task. Probably took 20-30 minutes to do it. I did take my time however, and I was very careful not to break anything. In order to remove the third screw under the label of the case, I used a new X-Acto knife to pierce the label and then carefully trim out the excess label. This way the label has a nice, perfect hole over the recessed screw. Looks better this way then just cutting a couple of slots in the label to get the Torx driver down into it.

I removed my screen and was shocked to find the part number was UG-24U01-WGHT3-B already ?! I bought my Pronto back in February 2000, and this is the first time I ever had it apart. The screen which was shipped to me by Earth Computer Tech. was actually an 'A' revision screen. I did request the 'B' version, but what I received indicated it was an A rev.

So, thinking I might as well try it anyway since I went this far. I installed the screen. The A rev. fit just fine, and hooked up normally. Although the ribbon cable on the A. rev is a bit longer and positioned more towards the bottom of the screen. This makes it a bit more difficult in that you have to fold up the cable into an S shape pretty good to get it all to fit together without pinching.

I reassembled my Pronto and installed the battery pack. One thing I though odd was that the Pronto didn't do it's two beeps to signal that it rebooted or powered up. Hmm... tapped the screen and it came to life!

The A rev. screen was noticeably brighter than my B rev., but certainly not orders of magnitude better. In fact, now my screen had vertical striped bars about 1/4" wide running down the left and right hand sides of the screen !! There was probably 3-4 of these bars running vertically. If I adjusted the contrast, they adjusted right along with the rest of the screen. Weird!

Everything seemed to work just fine, but the display was plagued with these grey-black bars! So, I'm not sure if there is some incompatibility between the Rev. A screens and the Pronto, or if I just have a bad new screen and I need to get a replacement from Earth Tech ???

The only thing that has me thinking incompatibility is the odd fact the Pronto didn't beep at me upon inserting the battery pack and powering up. Anybody have any ideas ?

I took the Pronto apart and re-installed my original Rev. B screen and carefully re-assembled it. Works perfecly, including the two-beeps on power on/reset after installing the battery.

Considering I don't get the warm and fuzzy feeling the Pronto likes the Rev. A screen, I may just return it for a refund. The project was a success if for no other reason than I now know I have a Rev. B screen in to begin with!

The Rev. A screen was a bit more useable. The display was not quite as dim or faded looking as my B screen. I prefered the look of the Rev. A screen, but I'm just not sure about getting a new one and trying it over again. Does anyone out there who has had their Pronto apart know if they are running a Rev. A screen ? I certainly don't want to blow some display driver hardware up or something !


- Jon

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