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Post 17 made on Monday February 17, 2014 at 19:47
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December 2013
On February 17, 2014 at 19:17, nealyboy said...
I'd rather not cut and paste 255 hex codes manually. I tried about 20 this way and got the same results as tgrugett. I'm asking if there's a better way by importing the whole file.

Well I guess you don't want it badly enough, do you?

Seriously man. All the hard work has been done for you. I've posted codes and links. 3FG has helped out just as much. And whoever posted those 255 Samsung codes really did the most work of all.

Plus, he labeled the codes that actually did something. Start with the three that he has that call Smart Hub. It took me about two minutes to dump them into Accelerator and fire them at the first Samsung I saw with the PIR-1.

If those don't work, start testing the codes that aren't labeled or had no response. His post SPECIFICALLY mentioned that he was unable to find discretes for what you are looking for. It is right there at the bottom. The codes may not even exist.

What content is so precious on a USB that you need to call it anyway? In 14 years in this industry, I've NEVER had that request. Plus, if you have a macro workaround that is solid, what is the problem?

Just for you and for my own curiosity, I fired the three smart hub codes from that post into a UN60EH6000 (FXZA). Codes 121 and 166 the TV responded with "not available" and code 140 called Smart Hub main screen. Now, I do have my TV in hotel model to use exlink in 232 mode, but I don't think that should change anything.

You do realize you are going to have to do some work on your own here? It's not just going to be handed to you.

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