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Post 8 made on Saturday December 14, 2013 at 12:08
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On December 11, 2013 at 16:51, agdodge4x4 said...
No one needs a professional to program a freakin' remote. OK, maybe some do. The only difference between a pro and an end user for ProControl is the fact that an end user cannot get software. I opted to go with a URC remote. Their product is built beefier, their software is available, and I don't have to rely on some 'dude' that may or may not be installing AV equipment when it comes time for me to upgrade my equipment or that will try to double dip me for programming costs.

Im grateful to the posts here that pointed me to the URC remote and program. It IS a little bit complex, but in reality, its not. Its pretty simple and laid out pretty well. It took me 10 minutes to figure out how to make my remote an 'all in one remote', and I am currently building macros and test statements to make it do what I want. Its taken about 4 hours to get a reasonable handle on the software. I still have a few things that I don't quite understand, but this site has pointed me in the right direction and freed me from being tethered to anyone but myself for my media area. Its awesome!

You realize that some of us that have helped you along your path are in fact dealers that do in fact charge our clients to program their remotes. MANY of my clients would NEVER be able to program even the most basic remote on the most basic of systems. In the end they get an easy to use system. To say that no one needs someone to program their remote is just plain wrong.

Also, I have built my business on service, and my clients have benefited as much as we have. We are not a fly by night, here today gone tomorrow operation. Furthermore, a year or two down the road, a client buys a new piece of equipment, and asks us to add it to their program, should we not charge for our time? Sorry, but I don't believe that should fall under the realm of 'double dipping'. I don't care if people want to DIY and program their own remote. I however, I think it is completely unfair for someone to say no one needs our services, and to basically say that we are all crooks for simply offering our services to our customers.

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