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Post 67 made on Thursday October 3, 2013 at 02:42
Ernie Gilman
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If you can post, you can start a new thread.

If you post in an existing thread, it's likely that the people who will look at your post will be only those interested in the existing thread's topic. If you start a new thread, you can construct the thread title to snag the greatest amount of responses -- be clear and concise.

Now I'll read your post....

On October 1, 2013 at 16:18, tdk86 said...
Hopefully I am replying to this thread accordingly as I am a newb and don't beleive I can start a new thread.


I have an issue with the RC71 Genie remote only wanting to mute my receiver -20db instead of a full mute.

Wait a minute. When I first read this, I thought your issue was that you wanted to lower it by 20 dB but the remote wanted to lower it all the way. Reading it again, it seems the remote only lowers the signal by 20 dB.

A bit of terminology -- a reduction of 20 dB is a -20 dB change. That is, the minus sign indicates reduction. Therefore a reduction of -20 dB is actually an increase, since a reduction of a reduction is an increase. Write -20 dB or write reduction of 20 dB. don't use both terms.

I have a HR44-700 directv genie and a Yamaha RX-V661 Receiver. I have gone through the yamaha menu and changed the mute type to full mute but the directv remote always seems to turn it back somehow. Also, I don't know if this is helpful but, the mute button the the RC71 only turns the mute on not off. To "unmute" I have to volume up. Thanks for your help everyone!

Dude, didn't you notice? This is a SEVEN YEAR OLD THREAD titled "DirecTV remote won't operate Yamaha AV Receiver." Your problem expands on this theme.

If I understand your problem, maybe you'll get full mute by using a different code to program the remote.
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