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Post 27 made on Wednesday October 2, 2013 at 06:17
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January 2007
On October 2, 2013 at 02:12, bcf1963 said...
The thought process behind Obamacare, is that because everyone will be covered, the total cost of health care should decline. Previously those of us with health care were paying through inflated procedure costs to cover those without care.

The problem, is that this system is as clear as the Tax Code, and will be poorly administrated, just like every other government program. It will be rife with abuse and waste. This will then result in us paying more than we do today.

This isn't lost on the private insurers. This is part of why premiums are rising. The doctors are also in a state of panic, as they see costs will start being dictated to them, and more "management" of patient treatment will result in higher costs, and they are raising prices in anticipation. It's just like big oil. It takes years for prices of gas to decline, but a refinery goes off line, and prices jump overnight, long before there is any shortage in supply.

Even if you believe this will work, it is going to get more expensive, before it gets better.

Emotion aside, this is the best explaination of what's to come. Everyone can bring up stories of how socialized medicine worked for them or read about how well it's working in other countries. This government has proven they are not in the business of being efficient and their extended reach into health care will turn out like EVERY OTHER program they have their hand in. They aren't profitable! What if your business wasn't profitable every year? You could continue to raise rates but eventually nobody would hire you and the doors would close. The state and local governments just continue to find ways of charging us more like raising property taxes, or raising the local sales tax, or changing the laws to extend the reach of the government into your personal business. It's why the governement model doesn't work. Only time will tell...

For us, we locked into a new policy before the ACA goes into affect which resulted in a 2% increase which is significantly less than the typical 10-20% we experience each year.
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