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Post 26 made on Wednesday October 2, 2013 at 05:12
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September 2010
Wow. There is a lot of misinformation going on.

In my case, the health insurance companies refused to cover me due to the fact I had a pre-existing condition. I was willing to pay a reasonable amount for health coverage, but I couldn't.

The current U.S. health insurance coverage is very flawed if any one is denied coverage because they might not make as much profit on them as someone else.

What does my age, gender or lifestyle choice have ANYTHING to do with health coverage? Mogul, can you please explain this to me?

Is a government run health system, like Canada or almost any European country, perfect? No. But if you are wealthy and you want a procedure done right now, come to the states. But in a government run system, your wealth has no bearing of when you get treatment, you're condition is the only factor. Someone can't jump ahead in the cue just because of their wealth.

Is every story about the Canadian health system positive? Is every story about the U.S. system the same? No. There will always be horror stories about both. This is about trying to get coverage for everyone so that no one is left out. This shouldn't be about how much profit can be made off of these same people.

*edit. removed some personal information.

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