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Post 4 made on Tuesday September 11, 2012 at 20:54
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I did not like the first episode, I thought it lacked credibility, thought and was not true to the essence of the Daleks: What I mean is that we have seen in the past that Daleks will kill other Daleks but now the writers decided that they just emprison them on a planet with no escape (except for a transporter that can only beam out of there). The prisons defence is a force field that can only be turned off from the inside by the inmates and nanites that can turn any living (or dead) flesh into camouflaged Daleks that have the memories and act like the host when not in action. Why didn't they use that tech on every invasion (since its existence) to thwart any interference of the doctor?
Drop a few billion nanites, wait a few months until everyone is converted and then come out?

As for the second one I found it to be a fun filler episode. I don't know if it is part of a bigger arc but that was the impression I got.

How's The Doctor going to get Jenna-Louise Coleman out of the Dalek?

for that one, I have had a couple of ideas

1) it will be an earlier her (kind of the same way when we were first introduced to River Song, she knew the Dr. but he did not know her). I base that on when she said something like "remember Dr." or something like that at the end of the episode

2)This might be far fetched, but maybe he wont. There were those pseudo Daleks that looked human And she is a genius. What if she escaped and made a fake body for herself?

PS. on the other hand I did like the soufflé joke in the first episode


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