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Post 18 made on Tuesday August 31, 2004 at 09:40
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August 2004
i am trying to learn the bose codes on my kameleon remote control but i can not do it... i put my kameleon in front of the unit and i follow the steps but i have not luck.... do you have any tips????

On 10/28/01 06:14 ET, DJ2 said...

Let me be the one to answer this question with
complete accuracy.

You are correct, all previous versions of the
Bose Lifestyle systems, including the Lifestyle
50, 40, 30, 25, 20, 12, 8, 5, 3 and all previous
versions of the Bose custom installed “BUILT-INvisible”
line all use RF to communicate with the Music
Center. Other remotes that use RF will not be
able to control these systems because these “RF
remotes” use RF to communicate with their own
proprietary base units, these base units then
convert this RF signal back into standard IR commands.
Modifying a Pronto or other device with an RF
modulator will also not work.

I can confirm for you that all NEW Bose Home Theater
systems, including the Lifestyle 35 & 28, the
Bose 3-2-1 home entertainment systems and the
new BUILT-INvisible Home Theater products have
the ability to be controlled via IR.

Here's how each system works:
The new Bose 3-2-1 Home Entertainment system uses
a standard IR-based remote that can be taught
to any “learning” remote.

The Bose Lifestyle 35 & 28 use an "RF" remote
to communicate with the new DVD-based Media Center,
when the Media Center receives a command from
it’s remote for a programmed TV, VCR (incl. TiVo
& Replay) or SAT/Cable box, the Media Center will
send out a VERY strong IR blast from the front
of the Media Center. This IR blast is strong
enough to bounce off adjacent walls and control
components that are even located on the same bookcase,
without direct line of sight. If some of these
components are hidden away in a cabinet, the user
can connect the included IR-emitter from the Media
Center to these components. One other note worthy
feature that is not available on any other complete
home theater system is a “TV sensor”(included)
that will act as a gatekeeper for IR commands.
If the TV is already powered ON and you select
the “TV” or “DVD” button on the remote, it will
block the “TV power ON” command from being sent
to keeping the system in-sync. (this means absolute
reliable operation)

The Lifestyle 35 & 28 also has the ability to
be controlled by an IR remote, by simply enabling
this feature from the on-screen menu. Since the
remote control does not output the IR signals
you will need to hold the learning remote up to
the front of the Media Center’s display then press
the desired button on the RF remote. This will
tell the Media Center to output the appropriate
IR command to be learned by the learning remote..

The brand new Bose BUILT-INvisible home theater
systems (TS-600, 400 & 200) also have the ability
to be controlled via standard Bose RF remotes
or programmable/learning IR remotes, but must
be designed and installed by an authorized Bose
custom dealer.

I hope this has helped add clarity to this dilemma.


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