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Post 23 made on Sunday July 1, 2012 at 11:51
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On November 8, 2010 at 20:32, MR Moonraker said...
Gary ...

I can confirm the return to the previously selected device after macro completion.
And I was wondering if you found a work around for this.
Because as is, it makes my macro work pretty useless.

Thanks for any update.

Ok the system control buttons do not return to the last device in use but, instead, device-specific macros can be set on the Device Select buttons, held for >2secs.

While a single command cannot be set at the same time for a short button press, for our set up with Pana G20 Tv we only need to use five DS buttons for changing the TV's input for five devices with five discrete commands. (These are not present on the TV's original remote or in the VLZ built-in database, but learned from another universal remote). This leaves a spare DSB in the second row beneath the three main device buttons: (BD) for TV, (VCR) for SAT, and (CD) for DVR. (Except for TV, the DSBs can be set with any type of device code from the built in database.)

These 'spares' can act to issue macros, such as those which might be missed compared to RM-VL610, which do leave the remote in the corresponding TV, SAT, or PVR device mode.

We have set each of the numeric buttons of the same three main Devices to issue several digits, comprising digital-type FAV channel numbers, so a short press of one of the matching lower-row DSBs usefully gives access to the device's normal numeric keys and a full set of alternative buttons, while a >2sec press issues a macro.

e.g. beneath the 'TV' DSB a 2sec press of 'BD' issues the commands:-
CursorUp+ CursorRight+ Enter(delay0.3secs)x5+ CursorRightx3+ Enter

- while watching Tv, then pressing the red button and Enter, the 2sec press of 'BD' DSB gets to BBCiPlayer quite smartly, and incidentally sets up the alternative normal number keys etc. to enable selection of letters for a search and generally to navigate within the iPlayer and to use all the other TV commands.

Consecutive commands/macros set for the non-device-specific System Control Buttons are used either for standby power toggles and/or a learned command for a Lime mains on/off IR plug for the TV and Pana SC-BTT370 Home Theatre.

The green TV power button is usefully non-device-specific too, and seems to be able to issue the required stream of power commands for getting the TV out of standby, and 'Sleep' is used for a Lime plug for a EX-85 DVD recorder (otherwise using menu> remote control set to '2' to avoid interfering with BTT-370).

The button layout and markings have been greatly improved so reckon this is nicer to use than RM-VL610.

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