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Post 4 made on Sunday February 26, 2012 at 02:10
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OK, I hadn't checked the exact OneForAll model, and now I see that it is a TV only remote.  There is a chance that you can make it work by manual programming, but it will be necessary to fiddle a bit.  Changhong TVs use IR signals which are very similar to Toshiba TVs.  Some Changhong TVs are identical to Apex brand units.  If your TV/DVD acts like a Toshiba TV/DVD, then your 7711 remote can't send the correct IR signals for the DVD part.  But if your unit acts like an Apex, then we know the signals, and it is possible that your remote can be programmed to send the signals.

Edited to add:  I looked some more and found a reference which says that the following procedures will work with the 7711.  I guess that the remote needs 5 digit EFCs.  Prepend two zeros to the 3 digit EFCs shown in the list at the end of this post.  Interestingly, inside the case of the remote, the circuit board has button pads for both TV and DVD modes!  They're located in the oval just below the Power and Magic buttons.  That probably won't help you any, but it is cute.

First we need to try a test.   Tap Magic and then enter a) 00247 or b) 247. After the last digit (7) is pressed, the remote should send the IR signal to cause the volume to go up.  I don't know whether your remote can respond to this or whether it needs 5 or 3 digits.  But if you can get the volume to go up using this method (pressing the vol+ button is cheating!), then enter the menu and try the following for the arrow keys: left 00166, right 00170, down 00248, up 00249 (or drop the 2 leading zeros).

If that works, you may be able to assign these EFCs to the arrow keys:
1) Press Magic until 2 blinks
2) Enter 994 (should get 2 blinks)
3) Tap Magic
4) Enter 00166 ( or 166)
5) Tap left arrow
The remote should blink twice.

The above procedures work with most OneForAll remotes, so try the procedures more than once if they don't work immediately.

0 181
1 185
2 183
3 187
4 180
5 184
6 182
7 186
8 053
9 057
vol up 247
vol down 246
mute 117
channel up 251
channel down 250
power 119
menu 235
CC Toggle 122
TV/DVD 052
TV/Video 116
up arrow 249
down arrow 248
left arrow 166
right arrow 170
Display 118
Sleep 056
Eject 152
Recall 165
Audio 130
Angle 177
Resume 173
Enter 055
D.Menu 149
Play/Pause 155
Fwd 025
Rew 021
Stop 148
F.Fwd 154
F.Rew 150
Picture 121
Scan 169
Setup 124

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